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Assalamu alaikum, I'm Helena, 21, and Muslim. I'm English & Egyptian. But mostly English.

This blog does not aim to promote the hijab as a fashion statement, but it is a means for me to remind myself and others that hijab is empowering, elegant, and beautiful :)

Youtube (hijab tutorials!)
Featured on HijabLook
A Blog of stuff I make in Architecture School

Do not admire yourself. Sometimes you may be deceived by your property and your bodily health into supposing that you will last forever. Sometimes you are deceived by your long life, your children, and your friends into thinking that you will be saved by them. Sometimes you are deceived by your beauty and the circumstances of your birth, which bring you your hopes and desires so easily that you think that you are truthful and successful in achieving your goal. Sometimes you are deceived by the regret you show people for your shortcoming in worship, but Allah knows the opposite of that is in your heart. Sometimes you make yourself worship in a spirit of reluctance, but Allah desires sincerity. Sometimes you imagine that you are calling on Allah when you are calling on another. Sometimes you imagine that you are giving good counsel to people, while your real desire is that they bow to you. Sometimes you blame yourself when you are really praising yourself.

- Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (AS)
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